We provide a flexible retail experience with curated unique products our customer can invest in to make their environments unique, beautiful and comfortable.

We are driven by innovation, collaboration and growth among various professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and designers.

A Zenwa customer is young and old, with a progressive attitude that appreciates the simple things in life and is constantly looking for new ways to improve themselves and their surroundings. 

This customer is also open to new technologies, emerging innovative ways of doing things and willingly becomes the advocate of positive change in society.

Our Mission is SIMPLE: Celebrate YOU! One of a Kind.

The Unique, Passionate YOU.

We are passionate about fulfilling your needs and desires; celebrating you and the next generations through appreciating unique innovative products and services created by Africans.

We’re not just a retailer… we get personal!

Our Promise to YOU…

Unique Design | Impeccable Quality | Versatility

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