About Zenwa

The Zenwa Story… Why Zenwa?

“I’ve always been drawn to unique things, I’m not a follower, I break new ground and do things that are unthinkable.

I’m known for discovering clothes that people can’t find in your everyday, ordinary shops.

Zenwa Concepts clothing, decor and art range is really about celebration and self love, to give a woman the chance to feel good in her clothes and her home without breaking the bank.

“With Refurb’ed furnishings, it started off with a journey to a antique store with a friend, she was hesitant about buying a chair but I convinced her to buy the couch and we gave it a new lease on life.

People are so quick to throw things away these days, I see the potential in the over-used OR in what is ready to be thrown away.”

About ZenwaThe name

“Zenwa has been adapted from my son’s name, Ezenwa (Eze) which means King. I want people to feel special, like royalty, when they own a piece from Zenwa Concepts.”

One of a Kindwas inspired by

My favourite reggae song, She’s Royal by Tarrus Riley

 “And she's royal, yeah so royal
And, I want her in my life
I never knew anyone so one-of-a-kind, no
The way she move to her own beat
She has the qualities of a queen, She's a queen
Ooh Ooh what a natural beauty
No need no make-up to be a cutie
She's a queen, she's a queen

And when they ask what a good woman's made of
She's not afraid and ashamed of
Who she is

She's royal yeah, so royal
And I need her in my life
I never knew anyone, so one of a kind
Until the night that I see in your eyes”