About Nomna

I am a lover of life who thrives on living life to the fullest, even when it is challenging (passion).

I am a hopeless dreamer who believes that dreams somehow do come true (faith).

My heart is always full, yet I empty it every day, minute, second (love).

Journey with me through passion living (life).

Ncumisa Nomna Mbusi – August 2018

“Nomna is a change coach, writer and creative entrepreneur living in Johannesburg whose vision is embracing and nurturing the unique mind, body and souls of those who cross her path.  

Her entrepreneurial journey revolves around people, art and design, travelling, music and food initiatives she is passionate about. As an intuitive change coach she’s been helping people from all walks of life and organisations turn their dreams and ideas into reality during times of rebirth and renewal, also known as change, for more than 10 years.

She offers a helping hand in co-designing creative solutions from change ideation to vision realisation, providing a listening ear and support, turning individual change journeys into positive success stories. 

    After all is said and done, at the heart Nomna is really just an artistic rural girl from the outskirts of Eastern Cape with one mission in life: to be her best self, do all the things she sets her mind to and fill her heart with all it needs for a purpose-driven rhythmic beat.