Our business is changing people’s lives for the better.

Zenwa Concepts is a creative business that thrives on igniting passion and creativity to change the lives of those we serve.

We inspire people to lead unique passionate lives that reflect who they are and serve their core soul purpose.

Our vision is to embrace and nurture unique mind, body and soul of those who cross our path.

We do this through positive upliftment lifestyle solutions, sharing knowledge, experiences and resources.

Positive Upliftment to us means we do not give you expertise. WE HELP YOU BRING OUT YOUR OWN!

The Zenwa Kind, our people,

are young and mature, with a progressive attitude that appreciates the simple things in life and embraces new ways to improve themselves and their surroundings.

Our people are open to new technologies, emerging innovative ways of doing things and willingly inspire positive change in society.

We are passionate about curating unique innovative opportunities that help our customers live holistic, balanced and fulfilled lives with confidence.

What We Do

Nomna Academy

Are you frustrated by constant changes in your personal, work life and globally that leave you unsure about your life path?

Are you ready to ignite your passion and turn it into your way of life while creating a legacy for the next generation?

Invest in curated online resources, guided coaching and support communities that will unleash your inner wisdom, build your confidence in order for you to take advantage of opportunities change presents in your life, and live a fulfilled life.

These tools will help you

  • Clarify your life path and intentions, your visions and dreams,
  • Understand your life experiences and lessons
  • Gain insight on how you can use inner wisdom to your advantage
  • Learn skills to build your aspirations into your way of life
  • Take advantage of technology and resources to build a legacy
  • Live the life you truly feel destined for.
Online Community of Creative Design Hustlers

Creating legacies for future generations is our mission.

Collabo Lab was inspired by challenges creative hustlers and artists experience when seeking collaborations with specialist professionals to grow their art into legacy businesses.

  • It’s a safe and engaging online space for creative hustlers to interact with each other while also sourcing products and services within.
  • Our community shares skills, exchanges opinions and is open to new ideas through quality posts and engaging discussions.
  • Practical e-learning resources for creative hustlers that strengthen business sense in the world of art thus turning hustles into African art legacy brands.

Women’s Clothing | Decor and art objets | Refurb’ed furnishings

We seek innovative retail opportunities i.e. markets, online marketplaces, our own online store and introduce customers to products made by African artists and entrepreneurs

Interior and re-upholstery consulting service on existing furnishings to give them a new lease on life.

Our Values

Our Ethos is based on responsible consumerism:

  • keep only what you need, give away what you don’t need, and
  • protect the environment, re-use environmentally friendly, upcycled products and services.

Our offerings

Nurture yourself through one of our offerings. We have your needs covered.

Why Zenwa for YOU?

YOU are Unique

So are the products and services that match your quirky taste.

Invest in making you and your environment beautiful, comfortable and uniquely YOU .

Nurture your unique personality

Build the African Legacy

Our flexible retail experience thrives on innovative collaboration and growth opportunities among various professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and designers.

Make your mark in the legacies we create for the future generations.

Embrace our African Talent

Save the Environment

Promote self and cultural awareness, reduce landfill and protect our environment for future generations.

Protect our Environment

Conversations with Nomna

One-on-one Conversations with Nomna, for moments when we are faced with change, cannot find our way around it and need a trusted friend to walk the journey with us.

Join our community

Celebrate YOU and the next generations through appreciating unique innovative products and services created by our fellow Africans.

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